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When I was involved in an accident, my life became extremely stressful due to the pain from injuries as well as financial difficulties that arose.  To complicate matters even more, I now had to deal with a complicated legal process I had little familiarity with prior.  Very fortunately, a friend had recommended I contact Mr. Chichyan and I cannot count my blessings enough for that piece of advice.  Mr. Chichyan explained the relevant laws to my case, clearly outlined the overall steps in the process in a language that was understandable, and easily broke down each next step – step by step.  From our very first phone call, he was reassuring, articulate and I immediately could tell he was knowledgeable and effective.  Importantly, he was extremely responsive, walking me through each step – answering all the questions I had.  I never had to go through lines of secretaries and aides to reach my lawyer or wait weeks for a response.  On top of that, Mr. Chichyan worked hard to minimize the work I had to do.  My hands were already full with these new stressors, and having someone fully take care of the legal aspect was a godsend.  Mr. Chichyan repeatedly mentioned his focus was for me to get my life back on track while he handled everything else.  Mr. Chichyan is THE model of what an excellent lawyer looks like.

Brandon D.

I was severely injured as a result of a rear end that left me with a totaled car. Morris quickly helped me resolve my property damage claims and worked hard to make sure I was properly compensated for my bodily injuries. Morris was very easy to reach – anytime I called he would either take the phone call right away or call me back as soon as possible. The insurance company initially lowballed my case and dismissed my injuries. Morris fought very hard to secure the compensation that I deserved. He has my highest recommendation because he truly cared for me and my needs.

Mari T.

I am not only recommending Attorney Morris Chichyan, but I guarantee once you have used his services you too will look no further. He explained the law in a way that my family members and I were able to understand. He updated us every step of the way. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to communicate with. Morris is a very compassionate Attorney. He always calls to give updates on the case, returns phone calls promptly, and is a trustworthy person. There is no one else that will work this hard for you.

Sheila T.
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