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  2. $210,000.00 Maximum Recovered in Under 9 Months!

$210,000.00 Maximum Recovered in Under 9 Months!

On August 1, 2023, our client was driving his 2017 Chev Volt eastbound on the I-210 with another client as his passenger.  The couple was returning home around midnight and were in the number four lane and driving at approximately 65 miles per hour.  Suddenly, another vehicle, in the number three lane, made an unsafe lane change, hit the rear left side of the Volt, and fled the scene.  The impact forced our clients off the I-210 and onto a freeway embankment.
On April 5, 2024, the first party insurer informed our office that it would be tendering the applicable per person limit of $100,000.00.  Additionally, each claimant recovered the $5,000.00 per person Medical Payment limit.  As such, the total recovery was $210,000.00 ($105,000.00 for the driver and $105,000.00 for the passenger).
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