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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating.  In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorcycle deaths are 27 times more likely than deaths in other types of vehicles. 

A motorcycle accident can result from the following circumstances:

Negligent drivers
Defective roadways
Defective motorcycles
Defective motorcycle parts

Regardless of whether the party responsible for the motorcycle accident is another driver, a company, and/or a governmental entity, only an experienced personal injury attorney will know how to bring a successful claim to hold a party accountable.  At Chichyan Law APC, we fight to protect the rights of all personal injury victims.
After an accident, personal injury victims usually only think about their medical bills and their property damage.  However, here at Chichyan Law APC, we carefully review each case because we know that personal injury victims suffer many losses and deserve maximum compensation for their claims. 
Motorcycle accident victims suffer many losses including:
Motorcycle repairs;
Hospital bills;
Caregiver costs;
Lost income; and
Other lost opportunities.

Like all personal injury victims, insurance companies are not there to assist a victim of a motorcycle accident.  The best way to maximize your recovery after a motorcycle accident is to retain an attorney experienced with handling personal injury claims.  If you or a loved one were a recent victim of a motorcycle accident, Chichyan Law APC is ready to guide you through each and every step of the way.

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