It just happened.  They ran their vehicle into you (or maybe you ran into them)!  Regardless – the car accident you were just in left you unsettled.  It is upsetting, embarrassing, and an inconvenience.  Even though this just happened, you know that this is going to cost you time and money.  You have to get your vehicle fixed, treat for your injuries, make up for lost wages, and deal with an insurance company.  Your time, money, and health are clearly in jeopardy.

Was it just a matter of time?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 13 car accidents occur every minute.  Millions of car accidents occur each year in the United States alone.  Even though cars are being made safer every year, all but six U.S. states reported increases in traffic deaths from 2020 to 2021.  Despite technological innovations drivers continue to operate vehicles distracted, exhausted, and under the influence.  Simply said, car accidents – big or small – are bound to happen.

Will the insurance company help me?

Insurance companies are not designed to make accident victims whole.  Insurance companies spend millions of dollars a year to persuade the driving public about what to do when an accident occurs.  Insurance companies spend this type of money because they have a preferred sequencethey want accident victims to follow.  This sequence is designed to allow insurance companies to control the post-accident recovery as quickly as possible.  This early access to the accident victim allows the insurance companies to reduce their exposure, keep payouts as low as possible, and resolve situations quickly before an accident victim has the opportunity to properly access their injuries and unique circumstances.

After an accident, the typical insurance company guidance reads as follows:
Check yourself and others for injuries
Summon emergency services in the event of severe injuries or death
When advisable move vehicles and passengers out of harm’s way to stay safe
Contact the police
Exchange IDs and insurance information
Take photos, videos, and witness statements and gather contact information
Contact your insurance company and report the accident
Report the accident to your state’s DMW

Something really big is missing from the standard list:
Where is “contact an attorney”?  Insurance companies keep “get a lawyer” off their lists because that is for your advantage, not theirs, and they know it.

It does not exist in their world, but it should!  It should be on every one of their lists.  They have their attorneys.  They have their doctors and experts telling them what a case’s actual value is.  They even have preferred or “certified” repair shops they want to send your car to.

You have not contacted an attorney and have no idea that you are about to go against an army of “accident veterans” that work for the insurance company.  Do not get it twisted – the insurance company adjuster that sounds like your friend, works for the insurance company.  When you report your accident to the insurance company, you allow them to get ahead, move first, and seize any leverage you, an unrepresented party, amy have.

They already started documentation on you.  They ask (or have already asked) for statements.  You will be on the record with information about what happened.  And they played you from the very start when they first asked “Are you okay?  Was anyone else hurt?”  A common response after the adrenaline rush of a car accident is “I am fine.”  In fact, it is very common to feel the actual physical, mental, and emotional impact of an accident days or weeks after the actual accident.

Insurance companies know that accidents happen daily.  Despite their shared knowledge and the statistics at their disposal, the last thing insurance companies want is that an accident victim to find an experienced attorney.  Insurance companies know the right attorney will get you the compensation that you deserve.

Is “Contact an experienced attorney” on YOUR list?

Calling an attorney after an accident needs to be at the top of your list.  Having an attorney involved from day one can make all the difference.  Did you know an attorney can actually report the car accident to your insurance company for you?   They can also contact the DMW and other parties on your behalf.  Why risk missteps and errors when you could have proven accident response professionals working on your behalf from day one?

What if you already reported an accident to your insurance company or started the process without an attorney?  A good personal injury lawyer like Morris Chichyan, founder of Chichyan Law APC, will gather up the loose strings and proceed to fight on your behalf.

Morris Chichyan is an honest and hardworking attorney who treats every client like his only client.  Do not allow the insurance companies to take advantage of you and call Morris today at 818-488-9448 or send him an e-mail at morris@chichyanlaw.com.

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Winners win. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.

  •   It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Chichyan. His professionalism and dedication really shined through. He was personable, knowledgeable, and was available anytime I had a question or concern. He didn't let my case linger, it felt like my case was a priority. I would recommend his services to my family and friends.

    thumb Ani A.

      When I was involved in an accident, my life became extremely stressful due to the pain from injuries as well as financial difficulties that arose. To complicate matters even more, I now had to deal with a complicated legal process I had little familiarity with prior. Very fortunately, a friend had recommended I contact Mr. Chichyan and I can't count my blessing enough for that piece of advice. Mr. Chichyan explained the relevant laws to my case, clearly outlined the overall steps in the process in a language that was understandable, and easily broke down the each next step - step by step. From our very first phone call, he was reassuring, articulate and I immediately could tell he was knowledgable and effective. Importantly, he was extremely responsive, walking me through each step- answering all the questions I had. I never had to go through lines of secretaries and aides to reach my lawyer or wait weeks for a response. On top of that, Mr. Chichyan worked hard to minimize the work I had to do. My hands were already full with these new stressors, and having someone fully take care of the legal aspect was a godsend. I've heard of many experiences from friends of lawyers treating them like another number or business opportunity but my lawyer Mr. Chichyan treated me like I was family from the very start. His repeatedly mentioned that his focus was for me to get my life back on track while he handled everything else. This firm provided me the individualized, comprehensive care that you only see from small business but the results of those giant law firms. Mr. Chichyan is THE model of what an excellent lawyer looks like. I will undoubtedly use Chichyan Law for any future legal matters that arise and highly recommend them!

    thumb Brandon D.

      Morris was our lawyer for personal injury due to a car accident. He walked us through the process & made sure that we were informed with all the updates in our case. He got me & my husband chiropractic services in a timely manner. He was able to get my husband's car repaired, even though we only had liability insurance. He is experienced & very professional. I highly recommend him & will refer all our friends to him, who are in need of an injury attorney.

    thumb Clare S.
  •   Attorney Chichyan is an excellent and very knowledgeable individual who truly cares about his clients. He was very prompt to answer my questions with great detail. He'll certainly be my go to person for legal guidance and the person I recommend to my friends and family.

    thumb Christian T.

      Morris went above and beyond for my automobile accident! Not only did he help find me the right care for my injuries (which I fully recovered from), but he was able to secure maximum compensation for my rear end accident. He was always available to speak with me to answer my questions and would frequently follow up with me. I would recommend him to anyone that has been involved in an automobile accident.

    thumb Ninet N.

      I got into a serious accident and I was recommended by a close friend to contact Chichyan Law. I was hesitant at first due to dealing with other suboptimal lawyers in the past. But after giving a chance to speak with Morris Chichyan himself, he made me feel comfortable from the very beginning and explained the legal process very well. He was extremely respectful during conversations and was always attentive to my concerns. He made me feel like he had my best interest at all times and I know he fought hard for me. He has my highest recommendation!

    thumb Madhav S.
  •   trustworthy... and one of the best
    i will work again with him in the future...
    thank you sir

    thumb Marc R.

      A friend referred me to Chichyan Law APC, and I must say I was blown away with my experience. Once I contacted Chichyan Law APC, I was put in touch with Morris. I must say never have I met an individual who was so knowledgeable, extremely passionate, driven, and most importantly helpful. Morris was very professional, on top of my case and his goal was to care for my best interests. Chichyan Law APC would contact me and update me on what was going on with my case, never have I came across such a professional law firm. You wont regret contacting Chichyan Law APC Make sure to ask to speak with Morris.

    Keep up the great work guys, and THANK YOU Morris for a fast, easy, smooth settlement!

    thumb Jason M.

      Attorney Morris Chichiyan's communication skills and knowledge of the law is unparalleled. Moreso, he was extremely compassionate during my trying times and was always willing to listen. If you're looking for an amazing attorney, then Chichyan Law APC is the place to go!

    thumb Keeyon D.
  •   Thanks Chichyan Law ! I was in a accident and thought I lost everything but I was lucky my friend recommended Chichyan Law. I felt taken care of and they went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make sure I was happy with the process. I felt like a had a friend fighting for me throughout the whole thing I highly recommend Chichyan law!

    thumb George B.


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