Eight Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney


When dealing with a new situation, you need to ask questions. Recovering from an
accident is a difficult and scary process. You have probably never dealt with an insurance
company before. You should never hire a personal injury attorney without asking
questions. When you hire a personal injury attorney, do so with confidence that your
case will be handled well.
To learn more about what your personal injury lawyer, here is a tip sheet of eight
terrific questions to always ask:

1. Will you personally handle my case?
Nothing feels worse than hiring someone to do a job and never speaking with them after
the initial interview. Trust gets immediately washed away. Get all your expectations out
on the table right up front. You need, and should want, consistent, seamless
representation and anything less is unacceptable.
Regardless of office size, ask how involved the attorneys are going to be with your case.
Sometimes, a law firm is hired, and a personal injury victim never even speaks with the
attorney he or she hired.

2. Are you willing to go to trial?
As interested as you may be in hiring an attorney and starting a claim, you are probably
more interested in how and when a case finishes. It is important to recognize that not all
claims settle before a lawsuit is filed. In fact, insurance companies will sometimes not
even consider properly compensating an accident victim until they have a reason too.

The right attorney will be able to litigate your case to secure the compensation you deserve.You want to know if your attorney is willing to run the full marathon for you, and if need be, take your case to the courtroom. You should ask questions like:
“When was the last time you personally litigated a case?”
“When was the last time you defended your client’s deposition?”
“How familiar are you with discovery?”
“When was your last courtroom hearing?”
“Have you been to trial?”
No good attorney will ever guarantee that a case will settle before a lawsuit is filed.
While a good attorney will try to settle a claim as fast as possible, at the end of the day,
an insurance company is the entity that decides when to pay, how much to pay, etc. A good attorney will fight the necessary battle to secure the compensation that your case
and injuries deserve.

3. What are the most important things you need from me?
You should realize that a case is a team effort. In other words, the attorney or law firm
you hired cannot do their job without your involvement. Since you are going to be
involved ask and learn what is important for your attorney. If you are not told, and
educated, that you will be involved in the process upfront, you should be wary of moving
forward. Listen carefully and assess the reasonableness of what you have to do. You are
joining a team now. There must be a level of comfort that includes yourself.

4. How do you typically communicate with your clients?
Every office operates differently. Some have online portals where you register online to
set up a personalized dashboard and access news and information, day or night, 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week. Others use a combination of e-mails, telephones, U.S. mail, and
texting. It is important to have an immediate and good understanding about how your
prospective attorney’s communications skills and loops work.

5. What paperwork needs to be seen and signed?
Should an initial consultation go well, and if you feel comfortable, you will want to retain
the services of this lawyer. You need to see all contractual paperwork including
authorizations. You should ask any questions you may have about anything that needs to
be signed by you

6. What are my financial obligations?
Personal injury attorneys typically will not charge legal fees until a case is resolved.
Whenever the case finishes by way of settlement, favorable jury verdict, adjudication,
etc., payment to the law office for legal fees is expected then. In civil personal injury
claims, payment is typically a percentage of the resolution depending on when and how
the case settles.
A good question is, “If my case is not won, what financial obligations do I have?” Be
sure you clearly understand your financial responsibilities.

7. What do you expect will happen with my case?
Experience matters. Regardless of the job, we want someone who knows exactly what
they are doing. When it comes to personal injury attorneys, clients should assess how
experienced the handling attorney will be because case outcome will be affected. While
no good attorney will ever make a guarantee as to an outcome. Guaranteeing an outcome
is wrong and unethical because no two cases are the same. No good attorney should compare and contrast what you are going through to a former accident victim because
you are a completely different person with a new and different claim. However, a good
attorney will tell you that he or she will fight and work as hard as possible to get you
the compensation you deserve. While there are no guarantees, it cannot hurt to ask how
often your attorney handles car accident claims, pedestrian claims, trucking accidents,

8. How well do you understand medicine?
A personal injury attorney is not a doctor. However, an experienced personal injury
attorney deals with medicine daily. An attorney’s understanding of medicine not only
affects the individual needs of a client, but it also affects case evaluation. The insurance
companies value injuries in specific ways so your attorney needs to understand what you
are physically, emotionally, and mentally going through. If your attorney cannot explain
the difference between the cervical spine and lumbar spine, for instance, you should be
concerned. No one wants to be involved in a learning experience with the attorney
handling their case.

Morris Chichyan, Esq. will candidly and completely answer your questions.
If you have a question, ask Morris Chichyan. No reasonable question goes unanswered.
After talking to Morris, you will learn that he is experienced and cares for injury victims.
He understands that you have limited exposure to this process, so he is fully committed tohelping you with any questions or concerns.

When you retain Chichyan Law APC, Morris is the attorney you work with. Your case
will get the personalized time and attention that each case deserves. If you were recently
injured in an accident, please call our office at 818-488-9448 for a courtesy consultation
or e-mail Morris today at morris@chichyanlaw.com.

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Winners win. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.

  •   It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Chichyan. His professionalism and dedication really shined through. He was personable, knowledgeable, and was available anytime I had a question or concern. He didn't let my case linger, it felt like my case was a priority. I would recommend his services to my family and friends.

    thumb Ani A.

      When I was involved in an accident, my life became extremely stressful due to the pain from injuries as well as financial difficulties that arose. To complicate matters even more, I now had to deal with a complicated legal process I had little familiarity with prior. Very fortunately, a friend had recommended I contact Mr. Chichyan and I can't count my blessing enough for that piece of advice. Mr. Chichyan explained the relevant laws to my case, clearly outlined the overall steps in the process in a language that was understandable, and easily broke down the each next step - step by step. From our very first phone call, he was reassuring, articulate and I immediately could tell he was knowledgable and effective. Importantly, he was extremely responsive, walking me through each step- answering all the questions I had. I never had to go through lines of secretaries and aides to reach my lawyer or wait weeks for a response. On top of that, Mr. Chichyan worked hard to minimize the work I had to do. My hands were already full with these new stressors, and having someone fully take care of the legal aspect was a godsend. I've heard of many experiences from friends of lawyers treating them like another number or business opportunity but my lawyer Mr. Chichyan treated me like I was family from the very start. His repeatedly mentioned that his focus was for me to get my life back on track while he handled everything else. This firm provided me the individualized, comprehensive care that you only see from small business but the results of those giant law firms. Mr. Chichyan is THE model of what an excellent lawyer looks like. I will undoubtedly use Chichyan Law for any future legal matters that arise and highly recommend them!

    thumb Brandon D.

      Morris was our lawyer for personal injury due to a car accident. He walked us through the process & made sure that we were informed with all the updates in our case. He got me & my husband chiropractic services in a timely manner. He was able to get my husband's car repaired, even though we only had liability insurance. He is experienced & very professional. I highly recommend him & will refer all our friends to him, who are in need of an injury attorney.

    thumb Clare S.
  •   Attorney Chichyan is an excellent and very knowledgeable individual who truly cares about his clients. He was very prompt to answer my questions with great detail. He'll certainly be my go to person for legal guidance and the person I recommend to my friends and family.

    thumb Christian T.

      Morris went above and beyond for my automobile accident! Not only did he help find me the right care for my injuries (which I fully recovered from), but he was able to secure maximum compensation for my rear end accident. He was always available to speak with me to answer my questions and would frequently follow up with me. I would recommend him to anyone that has been involved in an automobile accident.

    thumb Ninet N.

      I got into a serious accident and I was recommended by a close friend to contact Chichyan Law. I was hesitant at first due to dealing with other suboptimal lawyers in the past. But after giving a chance to speak with Morris Chichyan himself, he made me feel comfortable from the very beginning and explained the legal process very well. He was extremely respectful during conversations and was always attentive to my concerns. He made me feel like he had my best interest at all times and I know he fought hard for me. He has my highest recommendation!

    thumb Madhav S.
  •   trustworthy... and one of the best
    i will work again with him in the future...
    thank you sir

    thumb Marc R.

      A friend referred me to Chichyan Law APC, and I must say I was blown away with my experience. Once I contacted Chichyan Law APC, I was put in touch with Morris. I must say never have I met an individual who was so knowledgeable, extremely passionate, driven, and most importantly helpful. Morris was very professional, on top of my case and his goal was to care for my best interests. Chichyan Law APC would contact me and update me on what was going on with my case, never have I came across such a professional law firm. You wont regret contacting Chichyan Law APC Make sure to ask to speak with Morris.

    Keep up the great work guys, and THANK YOU Morris for a fast, easy, smooth settlement!

    thumb Jason M.

      Attorney Morris Chichiyan's communication skills and knowledge of the law is unparalleled. Moreso, he was extremely compassionate during my trying times and was always willing to listen. If you're looking for an amazing attorney, then Chichyan Law APC is the place to go!

    thumb Keeyon D.
  •   Thanks Chichyan Law ! I was in a accident and thought I lost everything but I was lucky my friend recommended Chichyan Law. I felt taken care of and they went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make sure I was happy with the process. I felt like a had a friend fighting for me throughout the whole thing I highly recommend Chichyan law!

    thumb George B.


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