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Maximum recovery in just 7 Months

On February 6, 2022, plaintiffs were driving on the CA-134 in Glendale, California.  John Doe was driving his 2021 Jeep Compass with his wife, Jane Doe, as his passenger.  At that time, Jane Doe was approximately five months pregnant with their twins.  As they continued on the CA-134, and towards Glendale, they were rear-ended by a driver who was driving her Toyota Sedan.

The responsible carrier initially argued that “the impact between the vehicles was minor in nature” and that the “minor nature of the impact will be considered” upon any demand.  The responsible insurance carrier refused to make any offer before a lawsuit was filed.

After a lawsuit was filed, $50,000.00 per occurrence policy limit was recovered from the responsible third party carrier.  This settlement was for the maximum and allowed our clients to recover an additional $30,000.00, from their own insurer.  Ultimately, the maximum recovery available, $80,000.00, was recovered for our clients just after 7 months.

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