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  2. $69,200.00 – Settlement in less than 6 Months for soft tissue injuries!

$69,200.00 – Settlement in less than 6 Months for soft tissue injuries!

On September 5, 2022, our client was returning from a family trip in Las Vegas, Nevada when she was rear-ended near the border of California.  The responsible insurance company initially made a lowball offer and forced us to fight for the compensation our client deserved.  Even though our client recovered from her injuries, we convinced the insurance company that our client was entitled to proper compensation.  Ultimately, all medical bills were accounted for and our client’s pain and suffering was properly accounted for.
Just because an insurance company takes responsibility for a collision, does not mean that they will remain accountable for your damages.  Your damages may include lost income, medical bills, future lost opportunities, and pain and suffering.  The attorney assisting you with your car accident claims should be able to explain exactly what you are entitled to and fight for proper compensation.
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